I am pregnant and Considering adoption

After considering all your options you feel now that adoption might be the right decision. Adoption can be a positive choice for a woman who is seeking a better life for her child than she is able to provide. Explore your options with DeColores Adoptions International. We will assign an Adoptions Specialist to you who will answer any questions you might have about adoption.

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DeColores Adoptions International has been working on adoptions for over 15 years. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to bring expectant mothers and waiting families together for a successful adoption process.

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families considering To Adopt

Adoption is a very emotional process for families. Especially since most families have experienced years of infertility treatments, miscarriages, and even adoption disruptions. DeColores Adoptions International (DAI) will make sure that you are emotionally ready to proceed with the adoption plan and will provide you with all necessary support during the adoption process.

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Unplanned Pregnancy?

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We Can Help you

  • We will pay all your expenses or
  • We will help you relocate
  • You can choose the family for your baby
  • You can stay in touch after placement if you wish
  • Our loving families can provide a great future for your baby
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