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DeColores Adoptions International is a nonprofit state licensed adoption agency located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. DAI received full Hague Convention accreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA).  DeColores Adoptions InternationalĀ“s founders are no strangers to the international adoption world. Twin sisters, Sandy Arredondo and Debbie Campbell are adoptive parents themselves of children from Paraguay, Guatemala, and the United States.

DeColores Adoptions International specializes in domestic adoptions and international adoption programs. It is dedicated to providing loving, adoptive families here in the U.S. to children from the U.S. (domestic adoptions) and other countries (international adoptions). We began our work as a result of our love and commitment to the orphans, and to the parents who long to share their love and their lives with a child. We offer adoptions services nationwide

DeColores Adoptions International believes that God calls us, as parents, to care for and nurture His children because they are His greatest creation, but sometimes they are born unto unfortunate circumstances which in turn fill orphanages and foster homes with beautiful newborn babies and toddlers. We are committed to providing assistance to these wonderful waiting children.

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Phone: 1-877-436-4530 and 1-337-855-7398
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We work endlessly to find loving families who have always hoped and dreamed to share permanent and loving home for these children of God, which ultimately makes this our highest calling.

DeColores Adoptions International is also committed to providing extensive support, security, and empathy to birth mothers and adoptive families on a personal level of compassion and understanding. We will continuously strive hard to provide each birth mother, and family who adopts through our agency, ongoing guidance and support to accomplish these goals, making the entire adoption experience a reward of love and happiness that last a lifetime!