China Special Needs Adoption Program

While adoptions of healthy children from China are taking several years to complete, children in China can be adopted quickly if they have special health needs. Some of these health needs have already had surgical correction in China, others have not. If a family has a group insurance policy through an employer, pre-existing conditions on adopted children are covered according to federal law. Please consider if your family would like to adopt a child from China with a special need. Special needs range from cleft palate (both repaired and unrepaired), heart defects (repaired and unrepaired), missing ear (totally normal otherwise), Hepatitis B positive and others.

If you would like to receive a CD with a listing of special needs and the medical processes that will be needed to correct them, please contact us today for more information on our program.  There is a cost of $5 for this CD.

When adopting a child with special needs, you are shown many children from our list, and you select the child with the special need that you feel prepared to handle. We are available to help you with the selection process and to give you referrals to adoption medical specialists. We are also able to take requests for certain needs and hopefully find a child for you. The medicals from China are generally very comprehensive.

All children adopted from China are screened for HIV, Hep B and C and other communicable diseases and are generally quite healthy except for the specific special need.

What is the timeframe for a China adoption?

After you have a homestudy and immigration approval completed (we will help you with all of this), you can complete the adoption within about 3-4 months


Do I need to travel to China to pick up my adopted child?

Yes, you must travel to China to finalize the adoption and bring your child back to the United States. Although only one parent must travel, we feel that both parents should make an effort to travel to complete the adoption. However, when that is not possible, one parent is required to be in China to sign the adoption documents. The stay in China is approximately 12 days.

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Meet Mia

Meet Mia. Mia was adopted at age 21 months from China with an unrepaired heart condition. Every single child we have placed with a heart defect is doing splendidly. Often the child will either never need a surgery but only occasional monitoring by a physician; sometimes the child needs a surgery or two (as Mia did).  If you want to know more about Mia, please click here to read a letter from Mia's mother.
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China's Adoption Cost

It usually costs approximately $17,000 to $22,000 to adopt a child from China. This estimate includes the travel to China and the accommodations while in China.

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