Haiti Adoption Program

Decolores Adoptions places children from Chances for Children and Foyer de Sion orphanages in Haiti into loving homes in the U.S. Children from infancy and older are available.  Haiti is a wonderful country to adopt from, and it is so close to the U.S.!

Chances for Children has a transitional home where children live for a while who first come into their care. At this transitional home the child is cured of scabies, parasites and other  illnesses from which the child may suffer.  Then the healthy child goes into the beautiful main home on a plantation where they live until they are adopted.

Our other program, Foyer de Sion, has 3 orphanages in the main capital city area of Haiti and is in the process of building a lovely new facility.

To prepare for your international adoption, Haiti Adoption assistant, Cyndi Peck, will closely work with your family, assisting you in preparing all the necessary paperwork.  This paperwork file is called your dossier, which will eventually be sent to Haiti.  Cyndi will be available to you by email and phone throughout the adoption, until your bundle of joy is safely and happily in your arms. The timeframe of an adoption is about 18 months with our "Chances for Children" program and about 22 months with our "Foyer de Sion" program.

Decolores Adoptions wants to prepare families for the best possible adoption experience in Haiti. 


·   Married couple - must be married 10 years, one parent must be at least 35 years of age, only 1 biological child no parent over the age of 55.

·  Single woman - 35 years of age, no more than bio child already in the home, not over 55 years of age

·  No religious requirements

Haiti's Adoption Cost

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