What are the Benefits of Placing your Baby for Adoption

Family Stability

Adoption provides benefits to a baby by allowing her to grow up in a stable and loving environment. Many women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy do not feel ready to parent a child, either because of age, financial background or social circumstances. Choosing adoption provides stability with adoptive parents who are ready to parent a child. Birth parents may choose the family they wish to adopt their child, giving their baby a planned and supported opportunity.


Adoption can provide answers for a child growing up with adoptive parents. With an open adoption, a birth mother may have contact with her child and the adoptive family. This enables the adopted child to grow up with a better understanding about adoption, and provides both a medical history and ethnic background for an adoptee. According to the Independent Adoption Center, open adoptions provide answers for an adoptee’s questions about his background; he can understand adoption and know that he is loved, and he can feel good about where he comes

A Positive Future

Mothers who choose to place their baby for adoption benefit from the decision as well. The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia states that after an adoption, birth parents tend to receive more advanced levels of education and find better jobs. They are also less likely to have another unplanned pregnancy and report positive feelings toward adoption and their decision.

(source: What are the Benefits of Giving your Baby Up for Adoption by Meg Brannagan)