How to Place Your Baby for Adoption

Being faced with an unplanned pregnancy can be a very difficult experience for a woman. In many instances, despite the fact that the child may be very much loved, it is not feasible for the birth mother to raise the baby herself. She may not be emotionally or financially ready to take on such a herculean task and therefore might consider placing her baby for adoption. Adoption can be a positive choice for a woman who is seeking a better life for her child than she is able to provide. Meanwhile, it also allows an individual or couple who may not be able to have children of their own the opportunity to be parents.



Determine if adoption is really the right choice for you. While it can be a selfless and noble thing to do for your child, it also means that you are legally and permanently giving up custody of your baby to the adoptive parent or parents. If you have considerable doubts or aren't sure, take more time to think the matter through.

Choose the type of adoption that you feel is the most appropriate. In the past, most adoptions were "closed," meaning that after the baby was born, the adoption agency chose where the child would be placed and offered the birth mother limited, if any, say in the matter. However, today many adoptions are "open," which means that the birth mother can choose which adoptive parent or parents she wants to raise her child. In some cases, an open adoption also means that the birth mother is permitted to keep in touch with the adoptive parents and be included in her child's life as the baby grows up.

Make an appointment with an accredited adoption agency to discuss the process of placing your baby up for adoption. A counselor at the agency will explain the process, provide you with legal information about adoption and discuss the various types of adoption with you.

Conclude that you do want to place your baby up for adoption and advise the adoption agency. They will guide you through the process from start to finish, and their attorneys will handle all of the necessary paperwork needed to relinquish parental rights. When the time comes, you will be asked to sign the legal documents finalizing the adoption and to give the baby to the adoptive family.

Get the support that you need before and after the adoption has been finalized. Deciding to place your baby up for adoption may be the best choice for your child but a heart-wrenching and emotionally charged decision for you. Spend time with family and friends who are there to listen. Counseling and support groups are other good options to consider when you want to work through your feelings in a supportive atmosphere with people who can relate to what you're going through.

(source: How to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption by Faith Schuster)