International Adoption Programs

Documents and Guidance

Our adoption services provide prospective adoptive families with assistance in collecting required documents and guidance with the UCICS process required for foreign adoption.  Also, your social worker can assist you with your particular state immigration office requirements, as these vary state to state.  Click here to access the BCIS Form  

Child Referral

DeColores Adoptions International then locates an appropriate child referral for the adoptive family and coordinates the process until the child can be immigrated to the United States. In countries where travel is not required escort can be provided.  If you are a resident of Louisiana or Mississippi DeColores Adoptions International can provide you with a licensed social worker to complete a home study.   If you would like to contact one of our social workers please send email to

Travel Information

DeColores Adoptions International will provide you with travel information as well as family references.  We will assist you in making travel arrangements.  We will arrange for the child to be united with you by our staff and translator, and make sure you never feel alone. We will coordinate your case, keeping you informed of all progress and updates.

Please note that changes in the foreign adoption programs sometimes occur quickly.  Information on timing, costs and other specifics that families receive when they are inquiring may change by the time home study documents and BCIS approval are completed.

Start the Process

  • Begin a Home Study (Louisiana and Mississippi - send email to

  • File your I-600A form with you local immigration office. Please note that some immigration offices will allow you to file in person.  This may allow you to be fingerprinted the same day.  Louisiana residents file in New Orleans.  Click here to access the BCIS Form 
  • Choose a country
  • Please Register with us by completing the Family Information Form or contact us for more information.
  • Find Out Your Options

    Please call or email us to find out how we can help you become proud parents of a beautiful baby:

    Phone: 1-877-436-4530 (toll free) and 1-337-855-7398
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