About us - Helping Birth Mothers

With an unplanned pregnancy, there is no easy choice.  As you allow yourself the time you need to think about everything, you’ll come to a place where you have inner peace with your decision.  You will be able to face your future with confidence.


DeColores Adoptions’ founders are no strangers to the adoption world. Twin sisters, Sandy Arredondo and Debbie Campbell are adoptive parents themselves of children from Paraguay, Guatemala, and the United States.  With over 40 years of experience, we understand firsthand the happiness as well as the challenges that an adoption can bring.

DeColores Adoptions is a nonprofit state licensed adoption agency in Lake Charles, Louisiana. DeColores Adoptions received full Hague Convention accreditation by the Council of Accreditation (COA).

DeColores Adoptions specializes in domestic adoptions.  We are dedicated to providing loving, adoptive families to children.  We began our work because of our love and commitment to the orphans, and to the parents who long to share their love and their lives with a child.  We offer adoptions services nationwide.

DeColores Adoptions believes that God calls us, as parents, to care for and nurture His children because they are His greatest creation, but sometimes they are born into unfortunate circumstances which in turn fill orphanages and foster homes with beautiful newborn babies and toddlers.  We are committed to aiding these wonderful waiting children.

We work endlessly to find loving families who have always hoped and dreamed to share permanent and loving home for these children of God, which ultimately makes this our highest calling.

DeColores Adoptions is also committed to providing extensive support, security, and empathy to birth mothers and adoptive families on a personal level of compassion and understanding.  We will continuously strive hard to provide each birth mother, and family who adopts through our agency, ongoing guidance and support to accomplish these goals, making the entire adoption experience a reward of love and happiness that lasts a lifetime!


Thank you for choosing life!

Our vision

We hope to give pregnant mothers hope that their baby can have a great life with the gift of adoption.

Our mission

To work tirelessly to find loving families for babies who are born into unfortunate circumstances while providing support, security, and empathy to birth mothers and their adoptive families through compassion and understanding on a personal level. 

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