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How to give a baby up for adoption

I'm pregnant and I need help

When you are unable to keep your baby, adoption is the best option. Call us 877-436-4530.  Giving up your baby for adoption does not equal “giving up.” DeColores is here to help guide you through the adoption process. We will hold your hand the entire time.  We have personally been through the process of adopting, and we have a deep understanding of both the birth moms and the adoptive families. Our mission in life is to give you love, guidance, nurturing, and tender care during a time when you are navigating some tough choices. 

We love our birth mothers as if they are our own daughters, and we will walk side by side with you before, during, and after placing your baby with an adoptive family. We help you find a family to adopt your baby, and you get to choose the parents. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision. 

I'm considering placing my baby for adoption

We understand that facing an unexpected pregnancy is stressful.  We want you to understand that you are not alone. We will educate, equip, and empower you with the necessary tools and information so that you can make the best decision for you and your baby.

If you are not a legal resident, don’t worry – we can still help you.  We can help you with free housing, and medical care while you are pregnant and placing your baby for adoption with DeColores.  We will help you find a loving, caring adoptive family that is longing for a child of their own, and for some reason have been unable to have a baby, or they are wanting to give their child or children a sibling, and for some reason are unable to do so.

There are so many couples and families who would love to adopt your baby and give them the best life in a stable home. Just imagine the possibilities for your child – they will have a family who will love them, be able to give them a great life, and opportunities that they might not have otherwise.  The fact that you are even considering adoption says a lot about you as a mother. For one, you are choosing life, and for two, you are doing the most loving, selfless thing for your baby – giving them opportunities that you didn’t have so they can have a better life. 

We can help with open or closed adoptions.  You get to choose the family for your baby.  Some families are open to the birth mom having a part in the baby’s life (open adoptions), and others prefer not to (closed adoptions).  Both types of adoptions have their pros and cons and we will explain all of this to you when you call or text us.

We work with you as well as the adoptive families to do what is best for everyone.  DeColores Adoptions has years of experience, and we will work very hard for you to make this a positive and rewarding experience for you.  

Go ahead and give DeColores a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. 877-436-4530, 24 hours / 7 days. Our services are always FREE for you.

Need some additional support?

Not getting the help you need with your current agency?

Get the help you have been looking for with DeColores Adoptions.

We work closely with you to ensure that you have the tools and financial support needed to make this a positive experience. At the end of the day, we won’t quit until you find new hope for your life…all the while knowing that you made the best decisions possible for your baby.

What many moms don’t realize is that help is just a phone call or text away, and getting that help doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  We would be honored to walk side by side with you during your pregnancy journey. 

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The most important thing to remember is:

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Our services are always 100% free for birth mothers.
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Get the help you have been looking for with DeColores Adoptions.
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We are here to help you through the entire process.  You have come to the right place. The search is over for finding the help you deserve. Give us a call today.

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